Steve Shrewsbury

Clinical Development


Dr. Shrewsbury is a primary care and pulmonary medicine physician with over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Steve is an expert in developing nasally delivered drugs and recently led the clinical development of Trudhesa from IND to FDA approval in about 2.5 years while Chief Medical Officer at Impel Pharmaceuticals. In that role, he also led other drug-device combination product programs delivering drugs to the upper nasal space in acute agitation and Parkinson’s disease.

Steve has successfully held several CMO roles in biotech companies and supported three IPOs. Since 2011, through his Shrewd Consulting business, Steve has consulted for multiple US- and non-US-based companies developing inhaled or intranasally administered products.

Prior to focusing on nasal drug delivery, Steve built his career in inhaled drug development, leading Glaxo’s inhaled fluticasone and Upper Respiratory Inflammatory Disorders programs and Chiron’s Inhaled Antibiotics Team.

He is author of 1 book, over 40 papers, ~200 abstracts and posters and is an inventor on over a dozen patents.