Pascale Tronche



Pascale has extensive experience in pharmaceutical development, overall drug development and project management gained through more than 20 years’ experience working within the pharmaceutical industry in the USA and in France.

Pascale started her carrier in a biotechnology company, Pentech Pharmaceuticals, outside Chicago, (USA), as laboratory manager then project manager; She gained hands on experience in CMC analytical development, formulation and transfer to CMO, as well as FDA meetings, and GMP.

She then moved on to Galderma (F), as manager of pharmaceutical activities, where she gained experience on dermatological products, competent authorities meetings (as the CMC representative) and larger organization knowledge and process.

In 2008, Pascale joined Nicox overseeing the development of all the projects. She was leading all the different aspects of projects, and reporting to executive management and board. She gained experience in overall development, in ophthalmology, medical device and sterile products.

After almost 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Pascale moved to consultancy as Director of projects of PharmaBlue, structuring the offer and the activities of all Early Access Program projects in France.

She then joined as associate Alhena Consult to work with start up establishing the prerequisites for First In Human studies and working with them on the project operational aspects, ie identifying CRO, CDMO, following plan, cost, reports.